Digital transformation from the Augsburg innovation park


Who is INOYAD?

INOYAD Technologies was founded in 2019 to support companies and educational institutions with innovative solutions to the major challenges of digital transformation. Thanks to our research background as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, INOYAD uses state-of-the-art technologies.

What we do?

A spirit of research and innovation

With INOYAD Technologies, we want to be the first port of call and number 1 partner in the implementation of digital transformation in production and logistics - sustainable, innovative and reliable, in the region, Germany and the world. As a company, we combine the spirit of research and the joy of innovation, consistency and agility, and thus offer our customers the best of the present and the future.

Our goals

We promote sustainable development goals

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

The implementation of innovation projects in industry is one of our key competences. In particular, we focus on the avoidance of waste in production and logistics as well as the implementation of IT technologies. 

High quality education

With our SMART LEARNING FACTORY, we enable education in the field of digitalisation at the highest level. The action-oriented approach makes the challenges of digitalisation tangible in a playful way – innovation you can touch, so to speak.

Sustainable consumption and production

With the approaches of our AI solutions, we ensure that quality problems and their causes are detected automatically at an early stage in production. By shortening the response time, we reduce waste of raw materials and energy.

Our Partners

Together we drive Innovation

Our Sectors

Where we are active


Consumer goods
Medical technology


Artificial Intelligence
Digital assembly training
Digital checklists
Intelligent Quality Assurance
Manufacturing Execution Systems
Process Mining
Tracking and Tracing


Our team

A multi-disciplinary team of creators.

Johannes be Isa

Johannes be Isa

Dr. Lukas Merkel

Dr. Lukas Merkel